AdCraX : High CPC | CPM Adnetwork cpm upto 10$

Dear Site owner,
Hope you are doing good.

We would like to remind you of our earlier invitation to join AdcraX
Mobile Ads Platform.

AdcraX ( /publish.html) is a Global Mobile Ads Platform
that helps mobile publishers like yourself get higher mobile ad revenues
through high eCPM and fill rates of upto 95%.

We have global ad inventory through our leading ad network partners around
the world (India, APAC, Europe, South Africa, US).

AdcraX is already generating 5.5 Billion Impressions / month across
several hundred sites.
Our CPC is Upto 0.05$ for Mobile Traffic

Our minimum payout threshold is very low at:

  1. For Indian Publishers - Rs.1200
  2. For Non-Indian Publishers - USD 20

We pay on time through Bank Transfers,Paypal,Skrill and Cheque. You can choose your mode of payment.

You can sign up in 2 mins by logging on to: /apply.php For register

After signing up, you can login to your account and access the ad code and
view the reports.

If you need more information please contact us at:

Email: [email protected]
Gtalk : [email protected]
Skype : adcrax

Look forward to start serving ads on your mobile sites at the earliest.

Peter Thomas (Publisher Development Executive)

Nice spam. Here are some things wrong with your advert:

  1. You addressed it to ‘site owner’ … we make apps, not websites
  2. Your math sucks. We are not idiots. See below:
  • You claim cpm up to $10, but CPC of only $0.05. This means the CTR needs to be 20%.
  • You claim 5.5 billion impressions/month. That is 183mil/day.
  • You claim ‘several hundred sites’ … so lets call it 300 (minimum definition). This means each site on average is only doing 600k impressions/day.

600k impressions/day with a CTR of 20% … hmm… a more realistic CTR would be 1-2% and then your eCPM would be less than half of what FAN and other networks do. Oh… and you spam websites… not a good first impression.