AdBuddiz Rewarded Video ads now live!

Hi everyone,

We just launched our rewarded video ads and would be great to hear what you think.

You can download the SDK (Java, Corona, Unity, Cordova, Adobe) and integrate in approx. 10 minutes, we’ve made it as easy as possible. At the moment we have rewarded video ads in all major payouts countries (US, Western Europe, Australia, Russia, etc.). The average CPM and revenues from our first publishers is pretty impressive (over $15).

In case you are not yet familiar with AdBuddiz, we are a premium ad network that has been in the business for years. We help more than 20 000 publishers worldwide monetize their audience. We are are specialised in clean advertising, and have worked hard to make a video reward solution that looks as good as possible.

Feel free to add any questions/remarks in this thread or PM/email me: [email protected]