an Ad Exchange for Developers by Developers is a brand new Ad Exchange with an emphasis on being made by Developers for Developers.

Through years of working with ad exchanges ourselves we have determined one of the biggest problems we have encountered is the inability to determine how much money we make vs how much money the corporate machine makes and how we can increase our piece of the pie.

The only thing we actually know is we make the same amount of money per a click no matter what ad and it doesn’t really change… why? Does AdMob make the same money off each click and how much money do they make off the click? Its a black box that I’m sure is fully of cold hard cash.

We seek to disrupt the mobile advertising machine and bring transparency and a boat load of other changes to the people.

We are creating a single SDK to integrate that will work with many ad exchanges simultaneously to create what we are calling Enhanced Real Time Bidding.

This will allow your app to intelligently serve the ad that not only has the highest payout available between multiple ad exchanges but to will also take into account the quality score of the ad being served.

We also are creating new ad formats that can be used in a complementary fashion to your existing ad streams if you want to try out AdAbouts without disrupting you current revenues.

Please check out our website at and sign up for more information.

It’s a great thinking of you guys…I will check it…:slight_smile:

Thank you NokiaDev, we look forward to our release and working with you :smiley:

checking it, but don’t know pay for install or click?

:slight_smile: You guys grabbed my interest… let’s give it a try

Thanks for the interest guys, please sign up at the website as we are seeking sign ups to be ready for our launch in a short while. I’ll say this also, there will be special consideration for people that help us launch.

Our personal apps do about 22 million impressions a day which we will use to jump start the traffic and interest from publishers directly.

Good idea! Will take times to test it

Looks nice, I will definitely check it out.

yea the location thing seems good and maybe it can give some 10-15% more revenue i think. When I read the optimised real time bidding i thought that it was so obvious!! Seems so strange that no one before thought about this “contemporal” mechanism and the companies are still using the waterfall one… So good job guys and as you may know,appart the ecpm and the revenue, other crucial things are the sdk size, good payment terms and I would say in my case native ads support. Can you please give at least a month when you think you will start operating?

Hello Ardi,

We are working on the backend design currently and will be focusing on recruiting developers into the system first. We are shooting for March for an initial roll out but will be looking for and working with devs during beta phase to make sure it has everything you could ever ask for. We have discussed a early adopter bonus which would be something like increased revenue split forever for the assistance and willingness to help making something awesome.

Our architect, Richard Sylvester, is an amazing developer and will focus on a streamlined SDK size. Native ads are going to for sure be included.

About NativeAds, I would like to suggest you to provide an Adapter Class that wraps existing Adapter subclass to insert ads into a ListView, GridView, or other view that uses an implementation of Adapter (similar to what MoPub or Avocarrot are doing)

Yeah, I am going to check it out too.

signed up on your site but have not yet received any email?

Do you let any developer try your sdk already? What can you say about current ecpm? Do you have currently functioning native ads?

Any update on your sdk ?