Ad Server script?

  1. Madvertise - code from 2012, script not work any more, even I have it
  2. Revive ad network - for mobile, it’s possible to open apps only in webview, no sdk, problem with scaling images

Any ideas?

What are you talking about?

About something beyond your knowledge.

How would you know it’s beyond my knowledge? It seem’s it’s beyond your knowledge too because your asking for help and can’t manage it.
Your post is a puzzle.
and you could reply in a nice way better than this.

Eh man, what are u not understand? I am looking for self-hosted solution, script to serve direct offers from affiliate sites. Madserve was popular but not supported any more and script is broken now (probably they was using own server to spy us). Revive ad server is working but for mobile, opening ads in non scalable webview. We have to create banners for each screen resolution. So I am looking for different solution, what I can use on my server, not some service like adglare.

What is hard to understand in first post? Not everyone wants to cooperate with ad networks (btw. they are affiliate links agregators, not more) so we can bypass companies like startapp and serve ads yourself without any effort. Spend 2-3 weekends by adding offers to system and you are free and not depenent to ad networks.

I just thought about this today :slight_smile:
Good to know that there is someone else trying to do it.
This is encouraging .
I’ll give it some research and I’ll be back if I found anything useful.
Good luck.

I developed cross promotion ads SDK and admin console using php, mysql and some HTML. You can push your app ads with their link and pictures and texts up to 5 app is permitted and as drawer layout. It will be published codecanyon soon

What have you tried or done so far?
Did you do any research or tried any solutions?

PHP and mysql is little slow but madserve was also this technology. What about screen scale? For example if I want to make full screen ad, it covers screen and resizing when smaller? Also targeting is important to serve different ads to different countries.

Tested revive and lost 4 days to start madserve again but it’s connected to their server what is not exist any more.

Some sample of ads:
-airpush, startapp, mobilecore, appnext…they pays you <0,05>/click
-yeahmobi, adworksmedia, clickdealer and different, pays you <0,25>/click or pay installs, depends offer.

It’s not that they are scam. They provides support, system and ad managment but we have no control of ads, we are dependent to them(to own system you can agregate some 5-unlimited affiliate sites, when one not pays, no problem, other pays). I think it’s good reason to make it alone without ad network.