Ad provider for sexual content?

I used admob for advertising my apps yet, but they suspended one of my apps, because it has sexual content. So I switched to leadbold and airpush, but the same there.
Does anybody knows a good ad provider which supports apps with sexual content?

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If you have moderate sexual content in your apps, which means only girls in bikinis and similar, no naked ladys, you can use appwiz or tapcontext or minimob.

There are no photos or something. Just very moderate sexual text and the word “sex” in the app name. But admob suspended this app and they are not responding to my emails.
I found also startapp, which of them have the best ecpm for traffic from not-US? I only use interstitals and banners.

What sort of app is it? If it has got the word sex in its name, even if the app does not have any images in it, you might get banned.

It would help if you can give your top countries, so that the members here can suggest suitable networks for the region.

Its just some funny stuff about sex.
Nearly All of my users are from germany or middle-europe.

Have you tried Reporo or AdModa? Have heard they are pretty good for adult traffic. If not you can try out ad networks like mobfox who are pretty good for EU traffic. Maybe try out their mediation as well.

Adultmoda - Adult Mobile Advertising

but be carefull, in registration form give them real, online and big apps because they can reject your application

If you can waive advertising and use paid apps, SOURCES told me, that MiKandi users are willing to pay more as it has/had (MY SOURCES ARE NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ANY LONGER xD) an indirect “coin” pay system so the user forgot about actual prices.