Ad Policy violation suspension

Made apps with and one got suspended for ad policy violation. Says ads must stay inside the apps. I never used exit ads only interstitial on app launch with low 3 percent fill rates. So stay away from that was my first strike. I unpublished rest of my apps with them. Suspensions and lowest fill rates on planet

Appodeal is simply a mediatory platform.
We backfill every single impression with Admob, so fillrate can’t be lower than in Admob.
We only suspend apps, that are fraudulent.

Please send more details about your ban on Google Play and we will be happy to help you with that and fix problems, if they derived from our SDK.

However, we have been in private beta since September and none of our apps got suspended on Google Play.

What makes you think, it was Appodeal SDK that resulted in ban?
Could you post your APK and an e-mail from Google?

I remember me testing another ad network and there were instances there was a delay of showing an interstitial,
so if the user pressed the home button at the “wrong” time the ad was shown outside of the app.

just saying, don’t know if Appodeal sdk suffers of any such behavior

Appodeal was the only sdk in the app< I didnt even have exit ads at all just instertital ad on app launch, google claims the ads are showing out of the app.I did see some ads show out of app myself, must be a long delay, so your sdk needs to be reworked to not show ads when app is closed. Mobilecore has this process. I have over 200+ apps with mobilecore and only ban I had was with you guys appodeal.

and lets not forget the shitty 1% fill rates

All live in play? :smiley: You are my new competition now, hah…so jealous

200 apps over how many accounts?
How many do you have ramzixp. Does anyone have information about managing multiple accounts, is it risky? Do they get banned often?

I trust DroidGenie he is one of the most consistant guys here. I am starting to have serious doupts about Appodeal.

all on one account

I know a guy who has like 1400 theme apps on his account, as long as your clean and play by the rules google dont care how many apps you have.

…and what’s your daily installs value with these 200 apps? I heard that you are making LWPs, it’s not so good niche, especialy for advertising.

You are right. We had this issue.
Have just released version 1.8.6 that fixes this problem.

Could you post a link to your APK? We would like to assist you better, if we can reproduce the problem.