Ad opens after app closes, against google policy? banner won't show up.

Hi I’m a game designer, I hired a developer to create my game, then I hired another developer to add the ads. the previous developer was able to put the standard banner at the top of my app which is airpush… I really like them… the banner shows up everytime. then I hired another one to add the additional ads. as in my instructions to add the top banner. he said that it is showing up and depends on the ad network… but the previous one was able to put the banner ad on top. also he inserted an interstitial ad when user closes app, as i recall that’s against google’s policies.

Why don;t you rehire the first developer to finish the job? And yes - if the ads show up after user’s close the app its against the TOS ,so fix that before you publish the app

Are you using Airpush for your interstitial ad? Are they loading on like back button press or exitting of the app and showing up afterwards outside of the app? You want to ensure that they are using the ad caching feature listed in our SDK to ensure that the ads are preloaded and don’t show outside of the app (which is against Google Policies).

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