Ad Networks without google play services

Hello ,

Do you know guys any ad networks with not using google play services ? I know that startapp dont need it , but others usually need it.

If you know any , please write.

AppBrain and MobileCore don’t need it. :slight_smile:

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Have others ??

Mobilecore is better than startapp for you ? I must out from startapp because after they changed the portal I have too big drop on revenue ( from 1,6 ecpm to 0,80 ) from coming weeks , so I have to say goodbye to startapp .

AirPush, AppBrain and MobileCore don’t need it.

Estoy usando Onavo Count para aprovechar mejor mis datos del celular.

I believe why some ad network require your app to be listed in GP.
One could be they ride upon Google censorship of apps actively.
So if your app passes Google checks, it should be “relatively” safe for the ad network.
Just ask Admob, they will re-send ad request once Google lifted the ban on your app.
It is like Google is the official source for app censorship. If they pass you, ad network automatically pass you.
Furthermore, GP is still the biggest Android app store as of current. You cannot ignore the reach it has around the world.

For apps that is off Google Play, apk piracy is very rampant. The content in the apk is questionable too.
It is like a free-for-all arena with no referees and rules. It is less safe so as to speak.
They would find ways to crack your apk and use it for free. If ads, they use ad blocker.
If they get monies to install, they install. Once get paid, uninstall.
Surf forums and you will read posting from full time Android app installer. They install apps to get monies.
To write reviews may require some language proficiency so it cost more to get the relevant personnel to write.
This explain higher cost for reviews over installs.

So I wonder when google release Android to the world, was it for good or for bad?