ad networks with few words rating ..

Hey everybody ,

Its been a while since I wrote something here cause I was on a very long vacation around Europe ( being an individual app developer ROCKS ) …
anywho I’m back and I’m really excited to get to work on a daily basis and I want to to ask you whats new about ““our favorite”” or lets say the known ad networks around.

so this is what I think about the ad networks I used before or I’m still using …

Admob = Stable
Startapp = Cool
MobileCore = acceptable [ great support though ]
Airpush = going down
Appbrain = small money
Revmob = they were great 2 years ago. :confused: :confused:
TapContext : SCAM

Share with us your thoughts about the ad networks your using?

Admob, mobileCore, StartApp and AppNext. All solid networks and almost all of my traffic runs through them.

mobilecore - few weeks from now it will be the reason for me to quit my job. :slight_smile:

mobileCore - simply amazing

Totally agree I almost tried everything and those ad networks are the best.

MobileCore is how any ad network should be…

Okay. But how about the dislike in my post? is it relevant? :slight_smile:

sorry man I meant to give you a like!