Ad networks with eCPM/CPC control (like AdMob eCPM floor and MobFox eCPMcontrol)

I really like the idea of having control on the lowest eCPM/CPC you allow in your ads.

I am aware of two networks which has such a feature: AdMob and MobFox.

Are there any other ?

The idea is to make a nice mediation waterfall e.g.:

  1. Network A limit eCPM $0.80
  2. Network B limit eCPM $0.60
  3. Network C limit eCPM $0.40
  4. Network D - no limit to get any ad

Unfortunately, didn’t get MobFox to work as a mediation network in AdMob and they support isn’t responsive.



@Tahero thnkx for the suggestion.

I investigated a bit about mopub, looks interesting but seems they do not have the eCPM/CPC control.

You set the eCPM similar to the new AdMob which only determines the ORDER in which the ads are fetched.

AdMob eCPM floor and MobFox eCPMcontrol will not serve an ad if the expected eCPM is bellow the one you set - that is a feature I am looking for.