Ad Networks?? where are the ADMOB replacement companies???

95% unless someone can explain different, seems to be nothing more then displaying other peoples games and programs as the “AD”… so to make money i have to spend money.??? and he who has the better APP gets most of that money minus the cut the Ad-network keeps…

Yes ADMOB sucks, they randomly kick people off without warnings and many times without reason. But they did have the best network and best business. And you could make the most money.
Its so amazes me that with admob i might get 20-30 clicks in a day and would get paid for only those clicks. They made the ad’s and i had no control, but i got paid quickly and it was simple, and the setup was already defaultly put together for you.

Ive moved all my apps to mopub, mobfox, tap4tap, notify… And all ive done is make all my users get fed up with all the updates and changes in app-requirements and many of them have left me. and i only made peanuts on these ad networks. I would show tons of clicks more then every seen in my life, but was told by each its a click and install company…

SOO??? Where are the “click for pay” AD’S like Admob companies at?? is GOOGLE the only company out there that has 2.5 million advertisers paying for click for pay ADS??? if so I guess i need to figure away to create a new identity so I can get back with them…

Please tell me thsi isnt so and there is a company out there like them???

Last question, since most companies collect money from there publishers( US), and pays that out to other ppl who click and install the apps… they already have the funds… so why do they want ppl to wait 2-3 months to get paid??? that makes no since…


hey @chuckctv, advertising marketplace has become too overcrowded and advertisers are split among different ad networks. Therefore you can try exposing your app to different emerging marketplaces like surveys and market research along with what ad networks you are already using. This way you can just boost your revenue. Have a look at Pollfish!

Use a mediator. There is Mopub and Burstly.

EDIT: read the payment terms… There are some that pay pretty quick, like NET 15. For example, NET 15 means that you get paid about Sep 15 for what you earned in Aug. I believe Admob is NET 45, some are as high as NET 90. Mobclix in the last months was NET ∞. I think that some even pay weekly.

hi @chuckctv,

You should check out Avocarrot. We have offers in our network that are CPC (cost-per-click) based so you get paid for clicks too. Not only that but our native ad units do not compete with other ad networks’ ad units so with us you can make extra money on top of what you are already making.

Let me know if you need any help or have any questions!

<kevinW> -> i dont know the net terms of admob.
But as long as you have earned $100 or more you got paid.
and I was always paid by the 21st of the next month for what i earned by the end of the month.

if July.14’ i earned $120.00 ; the money was in my bank account by Aug 21st every single time… (technically that might be net 15 with one week to disburse payment :slight_smile: )

  • If you are suspended by admob, get a new identity, new address,phone, computer.

  • Use interstitial and forget banner ads.

  • dont look into other CPC networks. They are craps. Use CPD if you are not using admob.