Ad Networks Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Instant Payments 2015 - join to discussion!

All informations on this forums are lost in this mess and spam. Let’s make the total list of ad networks who have weekly, bi-weekly and instant payments. Net-30 or more is some mistake in advertising industry, mostly normal ad networks with CPM or CPC for web, have instant payouts.

I will start:

AirPush - limits $300/week for Bundle1 and $600/week for Standard SDK, many ad units, good ecpm

MobileCore - limits $200/week to get weekly but ecpm and fillrate is total shit, it’s CPI model

Appodeal - official info from pavel: y
“2. we do not work with apps suspended on google play / admob. we do not process payouts, if you get blocked on google play / admob as well.”

Instant payouts but if you have suspended app, even no reason in Google Play:
“1. ad serving will be disabled.
2. typically we shut down the whole account in such cases. there might be some rare exceptions.”
So it’s smash for developer.

Mobvista - they had weekly but I don’t hear any news from this network
Appnext - crazy $2000 / week limit, it’s madness

Adscend - not tested yet, bi-weekly and weekly models, rewarded ads and video ads, should be nice, i will test it :wink: - not tested, new ad network, weekly (limit $100/week)

Add some yours types and discuss…

For me appodeal is doing great and i always got my money !
I am using it since half an year and got some thousand dollars !

If only one of our apps are suspended on Gplay or admob, will Appodeal ban our appodeal account?

Yes, in effect, Appodeal will pocket your earnings and in the absence of any mediation network in your app, they’ll keep making money off of it while you slug it out and start from scratch!

While I feel it’s okay to shut a developer down if involved in click fraud etc. it shouldn’t be the case for issues like IP infringement and the likes 'coz you never know which big-ass play store entity might dispute that your icon, for example, looks a lot like theirs.

Unfortunately, Appodeal is yet to come clean on this and in the absence of any word that inspires confidence, it’s safer to assume they have a blanket ban policy.

Hi ramzixp,

This is Clara from AdBuddiz :slight_smile:

I just wanted to let you know about our payment terms.
We have various payment cycles depending on your volume.
It starts at Net-45 and goes up to weekly payments for publishers who are earning $300/day.

By the way, I thought it might be interesting for you to know that we now propose CPM campaigns, in parallel to CPI campaigns.

It means that these campaigns pay no matter if your users interact with the ads. Since we introduced this, we saw a nice bump in our publishers’ revenues.

Please feel free to PM me if you need any additional information :slight_smile:

It sounds scary if it is true! Google just randomly and mistakenly bans apps these days.

Can anyone from Apodeal clarify this thing up?

What to clarifiy? Pavel told it many times on this forum in appodeal thread and in private chats. We don’t have to use it, there is no other ad network with policy, worst than Google Play :smiley:

Ask on Appodeal’s thread. Maybe things might have changed.
Ask if at least they’ll hear you out and if there’s a way to appeal and explain things.

This really is scary. Did you read the thread about the guy who lost $700 to leadbolt? Exactly the same scenario.

Nothing changed because I asked it pavel couple days ago and got the same answers. I think, it’s not place to discuss about appodeal, if somebody wants to try them, he have huge thread here:
To be clear: I WILL NEVER TELL YOU “DON’T USE APPODEAL”, everyone have own brain and we have a free market.
For me, with their policy, I can even use some net-90 network and keep my revenue safe if somebody in Google clicked randomly “ban button” and appodeal followed and stolen cash :slight_smile:

I asked many ad networks about their policy when app is suspended and nobody normal kicks developer oO, we are still gold source for them, developer can use alternative stores, republish suspended app with different package or create second account using for example limited company(100% legal way). Even premium adcolony, where they are analysing traffic very strict :wink:

Appodeal never takes your money. It has always been 100% fair for publishers and it will always be that way.

We expect publishers to be fair with us as well and deliver high quality of traffic to Appodeal.

The reason we have a pretty aggressive fraud prevention policy at Appodeal is because we want to ensure the quality of inventory for ad networks.

A lot of users are trying to abuse Appodeal’s well known immediate payouts. Basically Appodeal advances all payouts from ad networks. We pay out of our pocket even before we receive a payout from ad network. That’s why we have a very aggressive fraud prevention policy.

Nevertheless, before we shut down any account, it goes through several inspections.

  1. Automatic fraud alerts (getting your app blocked on Google Play / Admob is one such alert. It does not necessarily lead to ban, but in most cases it does after further inspection)
  2. Manual Fraud Prevention manager assessment
  3. Manual Senior Fraud Prevention manager reassessment
  4. Chief Operating Officer reassessment.

Only if after all 4 authorities agreed, that application is indeed fraudulent, we issue a block.

Now, keep in mind, if account was shut down, we stop serving ads in application right away.
So we are not making any money out of your inventory.
Moreover, in most cases ad networks deduct earnings from Appodeal payouts because of invalid activity. So we end up losing money because of invalid activity, not making money, as some people claim.

This is the nicest thing I’ve read all this week. Not only is it good to know you have a four-step SOP, I’m immediately at ease to know that much of the focus is on fraud detection. I have zero sympathy for fraudsters; a few dirty fish have spoilt the whole pond. I would, however, like to know what you would do if the app gets banned on Google but it’s clear that the app has had no intention of defrauding Appodeal and its advertisers.

As developers we are struggling to find what’s good ASO and what Google considers spam. Google has also become so paranoid of IP infringement, devs are getting banned for keywords (like Saga, Craft etc.) and images that may bear the slightest resemblance (even when seen upside down :)) to a play store big shot !!

Would you consult the dev before? I’m not sure if your Google ban alert would also provide you with the reason the devs usually receive in an email. Would you be fine with the dev uploading a new IP compliant version of the app and let him continue to serve ads from his Appodeal account with his earnings intact because it had nothing to do with Appodeal.

One other related concern of mine is tolerance. I’ve read devs getting paid after deductions that a network thought was invalid clicks. Let’s say, you’ve been paying one of your devs after deducting say an average of 2-4% for invalid clicks. (I have no clue what’s considered normal but let’s assume it’s below what you would consider Appodeal’s threshold.) Now, if his app gets banned for IP, spam etc. and your four-step assessment finds that yes 4% of the clicks were invalid, would you ban this account on these grounds even though the activity falls within the tolerance you usually exercised at payouts before?

ADXMI - Weekly payments, 100$ to go weekly, have offerwall and reward videos, native ads as well, CPI & CPV campaigns.

Every case is different. We are trying to make a fair decision every time. And trust me, it is not easy, but we are doing our best.

We often reach out to developers to clarify, why they got blocked on Google Play.

Yesterday, one of our developers got blocked on Google Play, because one of ad networks served “gambling” advertisement in their app.
Instead of shutting down his account, we contacted ad network, that served this advertisement and let them know about situation.
Ad network immediately disabled that campaign on their end to prevent this from happening in future.
Developer sent back to Google a screenshot of Skype chat with a confirmation from ad network, that abusive advertisement has been disabled.
Google restored their application immediately after that.

Remember, Appodeal is always on publisher side as long as publishers are not trying to take advantage of Appodeal or third-party IP.

Invalid clicks ratio is one of many flags we use to assess the quality of the traffic.
We understand, that there is always a chance that some users start clicking ads like crazy.
If there is an IP/spam infringement, app will be banned right away, no matter if they are sending invalid clicks or not.

Also, we always leave developers “one more chance”. So far we have never blocked anyone forever. Moreover, if account was shut down, we encourage developers to make changes in their apps to resolve the problem and open a new account with Appodeal.

I’m afraid, I was a bit vague when referring to spam/IP infringement before. I was referring to solely the play store listing; a few more keywords than what the Google bots liked, or a screenshot that captured a TV show thumbnail and went unnoticed.

If the app is not a clone/spam app, its content is genuine (or comes from a third-party with permissions or a CC license), and it plays nicely with Appodeal’s T&C but gets banned by Google, will Appodeal allow the use of the same account with the balance intact when the app becomes available again with a play store complaint listing possibly with a new package name.

ps: I’m aware that such highly specific questions could give a less than positive impression but honestly, I’m not looking to get banned ever. I’'m just striving for zero ambiguity on this issue here and hoping that your responses would clear the air for all.

 @ramzixp, Sorry to have hijacked your thread like this but I hope you appreciate the devs getting answers to some important policy questions from Appodeal.

As I mentioned before — each case is unique.
But general rule of thumb is as follows:
Your app plays nice with Admob and Google Play — you are welcome at Appodeal.
Your app got blocked on Google Play / Admob — it will be blocked on Appodeal as well.

Just the offending App will be blocked or the whole Appodeal account?

It depends on the amount of traffic that was sent by offending app in comparison to all other apps on the account.
Typically, if application is sending small amounts of traffic, we block application. If the amount of traffic coming from offending app is significant, the whole account will be shut down.