Ad networks targeting the Amazon app store

Most networks I’ve seen only have ads for apps where the click-through leads to Google Play. When you’re running that on a Kindle Fire and click on an ad there, it will intercept the click and redirect the user to the Amazon app store, losing the app context, and if the ad was PPI, you’ll never get any credit.

The only ad network (besides Amazon itself) that treats Amazon as a “first-class citizen” I’ve seen so far is Chartboost.

I did a search in the forums and found some people asking the same question, but not getting good answers. Are there any others besides Chartboost? I’m looking specifically for app walls and interstitials (both not offered by native Amazon mobile ads right now). I’ve checked mobilecore and Airpush, both do not seem to offer this.

I’ve seen that Heyzap has Kindle fire on their platform list.
Heyzap SDK for Android and iOS ? Heyzap

That looks promising, I’ll check them out!

ChartBoost and Amazon ads

How good is Chartboost? for Amazon?

I have not used chartboost but I have used amazon its giving rightnow good CPM 1.50 for this month.

You get eCPM of 1.5 because there is a promotion right now.

chartboost, revmob and amazon ads…

Hey guys. Recently I had an app in Amazon generate thousands of download (mostly US traffics) per day, using their ad network, but the fill rate is in between 30-40%. So I am looking for a reliable ad network for back fill the amazon ad. Could you guys please share what are the result of alternative ad networks in Amazon such as Heyzap, Chartboost, Airpush, Startapp, Admob etc? I am looking for good fill rate.

For U.S traffic you’re going to have good results with most networks.
For U.S banners I would recommend a combo of Amazon, Admob, AirPush and maybe StartApp/TapIt. Mediation of course.
For U.S interstitials I would recommend switching between Admob, mobileCore, StartApp and AppNext. You’ll likely need to experiment here as all 4 of these networks (that I use) give different eCPMs compared with each other in different apps.
For example, Admob may give the best eCPM in app 1, but mobileCore may give the best eCPM in app 2. The same principal applying to most networks in general, but it has to be said.

Thanks for your recommendation. However, did all the ad networks you mentioned having good result in Amazon app store?

From what I recall, AppNext only having ad that direct user to the Google Play, isn’t it? And all Kindle devices doesn’t comes with Google Play, so it can’t generate any install if not mistaken. Correct me if I am wrong.

For other ad networks, do I need to filter out Play Store link (esp in Admob, which comes with filter option)?

I only use Admob on the Amazon App Store, so I can’t really go into other network compatibility on the Amazon App Store. The best thing to do is to search the forum or ask the representatives from those networks.