Ad networks supporting libgdx

I looked through mobileCore site and in the supported framewokrs there is no libgdx.

Not sure if StartApp supports libgdx, because apparently i need to publish app to GP first to integrate startapp.

Also looking into pollfish, but havent found anything yet.

1)What is the easiest way to integrate ads in an libgdx game?
2)Are there ad networks that have sdk for libgdx?
3)Or is there a way to integrate native sdk into libgdx?

Hey there,

Airpush already has a native plugin available for Libgdx for our Standard, Bundle 1 and 2 SDK. Super easy to integrate, and I can help with any questions.
LibGDX Bundle SDK 1.0 Documentation -

You can sign up with us at Monetize Android Apps - Download Airpush’s SDK and PM me your email address.


Any network can be implemented with libGDX. I use it with Admob, mobileCore, StartApp, AppNext and AirPush and have with others.

You don’t need to publish on GPlay before integrating with StartApp last time I checked, unless they’ve changed it.

  1. All ad network code needs to happen in your Android class. You need to create an interface between that class and your main libgdx class so that you can callback to your interstitials etc.

  2. Standard Native SDKs are all you need.

  3. ^^

PM me if you want some help.

You don’t need any native library for libgdx. You can integrate any sdk that supports Android.

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Research shows that i want to stick with StartApp. Will investigate further. @A1ka1inE, i will contact you if i run into trouble.

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StartApps exit wall looks so bad :frowning:

Hey @lxkvlk, did you have a look at Pollfish? In terms of UI,design and attractiveness I believe it can make a difference :slight_smile:

Mobilecore interstitials work with libgdx and have been a great source of income for me alongside AdMob banners and interstitials within the app.