Ad networks for non Google marketplaces

Hey guys,

I am planning to upload my Android apps on non Google marketplaces like Amazon and Slideme. I am wondering though which ad networks I can use for those marketplaces. Right now I am using Mopub, Appnext, Appbrain and Admob however lots of ads are just pointing to the Google Play Store.

I am guessing that devices that use other marketplaces do not have the Google Play Store. So do you guys know the best ad networks I can put in my apps for non Google marketplaces? What are your experiences with this?


From our experience, the majority of of smartphones and tablets outside China have Google Play. China is the only place where it gets a little bit more tricky.

But maybe other networks/publishers will share a different story. Would be interesting to learn more.

Hello @Shockblast. Yes as jonathan said, China gets a little bit more tricky. However you can also try Pollfish, which also supports these markets. Pollfish delivers surveys instead of ads through mobile apps. If you need anything, just let me know, I will be happy to help

Hey Shockblast,

Just to let you know Airpush offers an SDK that includes enhanced ad types that are perfect for 3rd party Android Markets. We have solid fill rates and CPMs world wide, and will pay developers weekly (earning $300 or more a week).

You can find the documentation here.
AirSDK 1.0 Universal Documentation -

PM me if you have questions or want to chat.

Airpush Nick

What is the new ad format of airpush for which EULA is shown. Is it browser homepage ad?

Hi, Shockblast. You can try our ad network. This is Anemone Tang from eomobi mobile ad network company. We provide 10$ just for sign up.
We pay by new installs, the revenue can reach 30$ per 1000 new installs, and do payout weekly for every 50$.kindly give message if you are interested.

Your PPD rates are for out-of-app ads which are not compliant with Google’s policies.

I’ve been thinking the same thing but this is the only thread he should be posting those rates in since it’s specifically about ads for non-Google markets :wink:

Are icon and push ads compliant with Amazon?

@javaexp - There is no ad type shown or interaction with device browsers. The ad type includes enhanced targeting and tracking that benefit our advertisers when users opt in, and we are able to pay publishers to the install. The earnings are enabled when the user opts in to the EULA when opening your app.

Hope this helps.
Airpush Nick