Ad network on app launch

Hello everyone,

Anyone can suggest a good network for showing ads on app launch?
I will be happy, if you can tell something about the fillrate and eCPM as well.


Hi Javanshir,

Before choosing an ad network, I’d suggest getting a better understanding of the best ad unit for your users during that moment. If you don’t know, look in to using a platform that gives you the flexibility to easily test mutliple ad units and multiple networks without having to go through the headache of integrating and removing mutiple SDKs. Mediaiton layers can help with this.

Happy to chat if you’d like more information.

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I actually, simple want a good network for showing interstitial ads on app launch :slight_smile: tried couple, but I am getting only 30-35% fill rate, while even the number of ad requests seems less than it should be.
Is your mediation network (appodeal) work without linking admob? As admob doesn’t like when you show ads on app launch and I am looking for a network/mediation only for app launch

You’ll get 100% fill rate on Appnext… worth a shot.

You can use AdMob on app launch if you show the Ad after a loading screen.

If you are looking to display an ad on launch your simplest option would be to use Enhance™.
There are multiple networks that we support that offer this service, many using our Zero Code option… NO CODING!

If you want to move on from there and introduce interstitial ads and rewarded video ads, you can add them directly from your Enhance™ dashboard.

Its super fast and super easy… with Zero Code, you can try out different networks to see which one performs best for you. If you don’t like a network, just swap it out. Its that simple!

And right now we’re paying you to give Enhance™ a shot!

Click the image or follow the link for more information on this promotion :

Good Luck!


fill rate, I know, but as far as I heard, you have less eCPM (I may be wrong, that is what I heard some months ago).

can I get more information about it? any link or discussion about it?

my app is actually requires login, which uses auto-login when user sets it. Some seconds are spent on login process anyway.
You need to show a loading screen before showing the Interstitial Ad. Also you can’t show your App UI before the Interstitial Ad is closed.
See the picture example in the link above.

It depends a lot on the time, GEO, etc. The question is not fill rate and eCPM - the question is where do you make more money.

Agree with him. I see many apps with trusted million installs showing admob after load screen. Alkaline uses admob on launch for his piano and other music instrument apps for years now. Pm me for more references.