Ad Network Mediation

Anyone has good results with Admob / Mopub / other mediation? Do they offer something that automatically selects the best network (by eCPM) to optimize revenues? Or do you have to manually tell them which networks to select where? Appreciate your help.

new admob has option to select best netowork to optimize revenue (I have not used this feature yet)
I am overall happy with admob mediation , its adwhirl (which I was using before).

Sounds cool, anyone tried it?
Also, is there a way to compare your eCPMs to what the others get (on average)? Or they don’t want you to know that? :wink:

Did you able to find alternate mediation platform?

I am looking for simple mediation platform like adwhirl ( adwhirl is no longer active and trying to avoid admob mediation).


Hi Gen,
I couldn’t find a good alternative mediation platform. AdMob and MoPub are supposed to be the biggest, but a lot of users say they’re not very good.
However the company that I work at, Adience, is the maker of AdBoost - it’s an SDK that improves ad network performance (by linking in user demographics), and also allows ad network mediation and measurement. You’re welcome to try it, I’d love to hear some feedback.


Thanks Sasha, for your kind revert ,