Ad network for non GP apps - the best PPD

I’m searching for good networks for out of app ads. It may use notifications, icons and other stuff. I want only to maximalize revenue. I used Airpush with bundle2 and they are OK. Hummermobi has too much notifications per day and spam a lot… So what is the alternative for apps not from gp? The best would be PPD:)

I tried them all.

HummerMobi <–make seperate apps with them on the side
Mobvista has its ups and downs

I cant get anything else going, revmob used to be good but tanked. SendDroid used to be awesome until they went out of business, I used to make $1000 a week with them right before they left.

But yeah we can use more PPD networks that pay like 4-6 cents per install.

So adnetworks take our advice, ads can be agressive since it is outside markets.

We do not have a PPD yet, but we mitigate risk for devs. We have a special promotion going on right now where we can guarantee CPM for your apps up to $100 in order to test the value of your traffic to get a fair valuation for you. If you have apps that have a minimum of 10k users, then we can offer a CPM guarantee in order to evaluate the traffic. Anyone can ping us on this promotion and put your app(s) up for the qualification process. Essentially, a guarantee like this is similar to a PPD model.