Ad Network for (non-explicit) Sexual App

Any ideas about an ad network serving banner ads for a non-explicit sexual app.

Admob has decided that a few references to sex in the descriptions (and possibly the app) constitutes a sexual app not in compliance with their program. Unfortunately this New Year’s surprise from Admob means a very sizable revenue loss. Any ideas for other suitable network which seem to accept apps that make references to sex?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good Adnetwork Startapp
Application Policy |

Haha, setico is shamless

Dude wtf with the sexual apps, you not read google’s t&c’s, get a life

mikandi, startapp has an amazing affiliate program where you can earn like $75-$199 per sale. I made $3500 last month on apps I posted to Mikandi and Adult section of Getjar.

Hi DroidGenie…
Is this still viable on 2016?
I want to create small adult games and monetize using this method.