Ad Network for Flash / AIR

I have an Android flash app, im wondering is there any ad network that support flash / adobe air.

You need native extensions. I am using Milkman’s Admob (banners) extension which is around $30 but you might be able to find free extensions online. Heyzap, Playhaven, Adbuddiz, Appnext (and some others) have their own AIR SDKs (for interstitials) and they are easy to use.

leadbolt had air sdk, applovin have, mobilcore have

thanks for the reply…

i just tried appnext. it’s really easy to deploy, doesn’t have to use ANE everything done online.

just one question, do i have to fill the &dId=[ANDROID_ID]&dType=[ANDROID_Type]&mac=[MacAdress]&imei=[IMEI]
What’s an Android ID? The website doesn’t have an answer about this.

Hi Revadata,
As mentioned AdBuddiz does indeed have an SDK for Air. You can sign up directly on our website, and download it from your portal. We specialise in premium, clean-cut interstitials with high quality graphics.
If you’d like any other info feel free to ask me.
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Contact support, they are your best choice to answer questions.

Hi Revadata,

Contact me in private if you have any questions:
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