Ad Network for Amazon . (0 eCPM with Chartboost)

I was using Admob+Chartboost for a game at Amazon Market.

I cant use Admob now.(made a terrible mistake and used same package name at googleplay and amazon. After GooglePlay banned my app ,Admob removed ads from all aps with same package name)

And Charboost is zero eCPM now.( They removed financial setting option and they finished).

Loosing 10k insterstitial ads per day now. Need an advice please??

(i tried adcolony it was 0.3 $ ECPM.
I tried to integrate REVMOB , i dont like it. Their ads were like adware, virus…)

ps: sorry for bad english.

Hey Bumblebeee777,

Have you tried us at Phunware? We have an easy to integrate SDK with engaging ad units for android, iOS and mobile web with solid CPMs and fill rate world wide.

Shoot me a PM to chat further.

Phunware Nick

You have facebook as option for ads other then video,
amazon itself is also good option
you even can try adcolony for video ads

Amazon ads itself is a good option.

try applovin

thanks .i think i will try heyzap+applovin.

What happens if i put admob again ? Account ban?