Ad network awards 2013 from MMWA?

I think @david should come forward and create some platform where based on forum members votes, awards can be given on CPM, CPC, PPD and CPI/CPL categories (or could be without any categories). To avoid spam, only members who joined before 15th December can vote.

The outcome shall be the pulse of members on this forum.

I am sure David himself can make this poll interesting. Probably some third part poll websites like can help implement this faster.

I too think that this is a good idea

Very good idea @javaexp.

Very good idea indeed. :slight_smile:

with public votes, and asking users to comment on their vote

Very good idea. I think actually who sshould vote are users who joined before Sept as many spam users emerged after Google compliance changes. Also maybe users who has more than x amount of posts.

Great Idea

But is @david listening? Haven’t seen him active in forum for quite some time now.

May be he is on vacation , I remember he took some time off this time of the last year