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Ad network and wire tranfer fees


I’m using Admob for monetize my apps. They’re paying in local currencies with no wire fees charged.

But I’d like try other networks too in order to increase my revenues.

I just registered in Leadbolt and I find this note: “All wire transfers for any amount less than $500 will incur a fee of USD $20.

Please tell me about other ad network (fees, reliably,…)

PS. I use only wire tranfer and my local currency is euro (I’m from Spain).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Startapp also takes 20$ but one time I had to pay even 27. Mobilecore sometimes 0 and sometimes also 20$ depends on the amount. Airpush 7.5$

Hello @NeoDroid, Pollfish supports wire transfer too. Developer is charged for any transfer fees of his bank. Payments occur in euro. if you need more info just let me know :slight_smile:


As Mobvista publisher,you can use wire transfer with no fees,because we’ll pay it for you.

Our threshold is $50 and weekly payment!

PS:If you’re in Barcelona,hope to see you on WMC!

Appnext takes around $70 :rage:

Hi NeoDroid,

At AdBuddiz we don’t charge any additional fees for wire transfers :slight_smile:
In addition, we have a European bank account and negotiated the smallest fees with our bank partners.
In your case (wire transfer in Spain), the transaction fee from the banks should be less than 1 €.

Regarding reliability, we have been working with more than 15000 developers from all over the world.
If you want more info, feel free to reach me on [email protected] or pm me :wink:

appnext takes 40 .m from india

Another channel to boost your revenue without changing your current ad placement. Go with Pollfish.

Regarding with the transfer fees I think it depends on your bank… Ask Adnreasv about that…

Hey everybody,

I know that we are not the lowest one, but we charge $7.50 each time, which is much less than some of these other guys. If you are using our Bundle 1 or Standard SDK or Mobile web, and are earning $300 / $600 / $600 a week from impressions after 1 month, we will put you on weekly payments at no additional charge.

Airpush Nick

This is informative, can you please also provide withdraw fees from leadbolt, inmobi, heyzap, Unity ads etc? I’m analyzing and calculating this as part of the overall revenue… Thanks

Most networks provide wire: StartAPP, Airpush, Aerserv, Chartboost. Each one has a different fee although i think normally should be under $15 per transaction.

Hi Neodroid,

Supersonic supports wire transfers over $200 with no additional charge on our end. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in a promotion. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

does it have banners too?

please pardon my ignorance for Supersonic.

is it a ad network? i have not heard about it earlier in his forum.

Hi gcc,

Supersonic is a leading mobile ad network that offers both app monetization and promotion. Our lightweight SDK is easy to integrate and supports offer walls, rewarded video (with top notch video mediation) and interstitials. Our self serve platform allows you to run your campaigns solo, with full control over your budget and timeline. If you want any more info, check us out here or feel free to message me.