Ad Network Advice for "Spam" Apps

We are making apps that can call “spam” and we’re getting 40k-200k+ download daily. Can you suggest a network pay per install ? (not @startapp, @widdit, @Mobario_Man)

I bet Mobario_Man will come here anyways…
I didn’t find anything great so I will go with StartApp SmartWall + Searchbox. I would try post call or even Mobario but I’m bit afraid that it’s against new policy. I’m going to wait couple of weeks to see if Google will ban for it.

There’s also Appwiz but they force you to integrate in-app ads too. And they also seem to abruptly stop doing business with you if they don’t happen to like your % of US users.

They dont like spam.

your post is epic :slight_smile: But i am sure mobario and your spam apps are a match made in heaven.

Spam apps can get 40k-200k+ download daily? How do you make it?

Because spam apps are ridiculously fast to produce and they target a demographic that installs apps daily by the metric ton.

It’s a bit bizarre, but these days a good app with solid user value will rarely get you anywhere if you can’t make it visible with external help. There are a lot more Google Play users searching for stupid crap than for interesting apps.

How about I buy some house ads from you? Can u drive installs for me, if so PM me!