Account Suspened

How did google know my new account, new name, new email, was connected to suspended account? Any ideas? thanks.

Did they just suspended the account or first they suspended your apps one by one and then the account? Did they sent any email regarding the reason? The information you gave is almost 0

if you want answers you really gotta give more info.BUT that doesn’t change the fact that it’s getting harder to keep apps/account alive lately.

They suspended because of previous suspension, So I was suspended once, had a friend make a new account, different machine, and I was managing the account from here for 3 weeks or so. Yesterday I got the message. Not sure how they knew of the other account… Maybe the machine mac is tagged? If so, how can I get another account. Thanks guys.

republishing old apps = instant ban, just uploaded an old suspended app from 2 years ago and boom suspended myself, changed package name, new keystore and even slightly changed graphics.

I changed the keystore. package name. app name and I even removed the old email I used for the other account. Kinda stuck now, cause I have no idea how the F they knew the account was connected. IDK about these ppl man. Amazon might be my way fwd. Cant count on these clowns to make a living … I think its so dumb for google to suspend ACCOUNT and not the app. Suspending the account, just leaves ppl to scam your system. I fist need to find out how they may have known.

The problem now not with accounts, problem with republishing apps. They connect not account. Account stay live until you not upload your old apps.
One my account ( with 2 apps )was good until i upload old apps. Account was killed after this.

Thanks for this. I have to really reconsider google now. Sure its the biggest, but with the new policy, they might be more of a pain, if all you do is run “BLIND RISK”. Might just focus on Amazon and try IOS. They let you know from jump, if you can publish or not. They dont wait until you get a nice flow, to then delete your entire account. Seems kinda lame google.

the problem you guys have mentioned is related to banned apps only else chupamobile would close right now Still duplicate apps are allowed.

Did you use the same PC to Re-create new app?

yea, used the same pc. This is what I am thinking, is that they have the mac address on my laptop tagged … in that case, I am effed. Not going to buy a new laptop to make apps for google. :slight_smile:

I think you do not need to buy new laptop , what you need Virtual Machine (new Operating system) in your old laptop and install new eclips and new ADT
create new GP Acount with :
new visa card for new owner
new ip
new email
new name
new phone number
new packge name
new Graphic
new app name
new keystore file

** use the new Operating system to publish your apps

** 1/GP Account 1/Operating system **

Be careful how many google accounts you log in from the same device, they make connections between accounts.

Thanks for the input guys. Appreciate it.

Not download your app from market and not try to SELF RATE from your accounts and gadgets.

I always download my apps just to see the whole experience - I find nothing wrong with that. Also, I always rate my own apps (1 rating only) as everyone else I know. I never saw anything in GP policies that would say it’s not OK to do this.

This VPN service is great for getting a new IP - Free VPN • 100% Free PPTP and OpenVPN Service. However, I think that IP’s should not be a problem. Let’s say that you connect yourself to your clients Google Play account - will they now ban him for that? I’ve connected to dozens of GP accounts (internationally) and some of them were even banned later on (the owners used now banned ad networks, or had some IAP problems, etc.), but I didn’t have any problems.

Because your phone Imei already in they sandbox. If before you use banned dev account with this smartphone. Look your google account and check your mobile gadgets list.

Oh, now I see what you’ve meant. A good advice, thanks.

But you can use some cheap China Tablet or brand model without GSM/3G components. They havent imei.