about "Users who viewed this also viewed"

about “Users who viewed this also viewed” and “Users who installed this also installed”

im developing android apps for about 6 months now and following david’s blog from the beginning. today i saw his newest income report and it’s fantastic.

what im thinking is people getting lots of downloads from “Users who viewed this also viewed” and “Users who installed this also instal” sections from other apps other than search results.
i think people don’t search ‘fake iphone’ app and download it. when they saw it somewhere and when they found out it’s interesting, they download it.

so how do we optimize this. please share your ideas. i hope david will replay to this post.

thanks :slight_smile:

22 views no replay? please help :frowning:

Hmm, interesting question. I haven’t found any information about optimizing the related apps section. I think this is more of an algorithmically generated part of the Google Play Store. So basically, as long as people are downloading your app, you don’t have to worry about this side of things. The more people download your app, the more you should show up in the related section, in turn bringing in more downloads.

Regarding the Fake iPhone app, I’m pretty sure people are searching for that exact term. When I first released the app, I got thousands of downloads in the first few days. That’s what made me realise it would be such a big success. Sometimes it’s just a matter of picking the right keyword, something which will be popular.