about cpimobi.com

iam new to mobile advertising. ive seen the add above in this forum and clicked it it redirect me to cpimobi . com
they sell 0.09 usd per install . is that not cheap in your opinion ?
sounds like a good service ?
are the app downloaders real people who will use the app ?

Use them if you want to see your app ranking go to shit. See my thread: CPIMobi Scam Alert - Marketing Methods - Making Money with Android

ok thanks for the info i will leave paid installs. better paid ads…

how is SEO in the appstore ? i have no clue . i know seo from website or for youtube videos.
but how does seo work for the appstore ? any ideas would be helpfull. thank you :slight_smile:

You are looking for ASO (app store optimization). There are a lot of posts about it here on the forum

thank you for the info !