About Applovin

Hi Friends,

Please guide me how Applovin will perform, i mean how could be their eCPM, Fill rate and their SDK.

For me was very bad ecpm and fill rate, almost zero. Removed it after a week or so.
But for sure you should try yourself anyway. Maybe depending on what kind of app/game you have or Geos etc it will be good for you.

Have you tried using startapp ?

Tried once for my game and not worked well for me…Fill rates are less but good eCpm …You can try with mediation

@NokiaDev Which mediation companies are worth working with?

For me

  1. heyZap worked well and they are merged with fyber now and fyber is super good eCpm
  2. Admob mediation is easy and nearly full fill rates but less eCpm than fyber SDK

Try different mediations and fix for the one worked for you

Thanks for the super news @NokiaDev! My users are mostly based in Mexico and Argentina. Will heyzap work for me since they are US based?

I am very keen to work with another mediation company but all the integration takes time and i don’t feel like wasting time working on one that doesn’t work. Admob is the only one i am working with.

Is Fyber exchange CPI too? is for u better ecpm than appnext/appbrain/etc?

sure it will work for you…I have lots of users in Mexico for one of my app and its working good with heyZap

Fyber mediation is good but their ad network in waterflow is not good as expected for me …0.50$ eCpm with fyber ads and good eCpm with admob and facebook …

fyber ads comes after admob and android if they failed to load any ads…so less impressions and less revenue from fyber

Ah, I thought you meant that Fyber own eCPM was super good :smiley:
I’m still struggling to find a network to replace FAN (of course nothing can be as good, but at least something decent^^)

Hi, have you tried Fyber? How’s the performance? Would you like share it with us? thank you!