A Weird Email from "Gooogle.com.de"

Hi guys,

:confused:I have just received “3-Day Notification of Google Play Developer Term Violation” email from a weird email “Google Play Developer Support <[email protected]gooogle.com.de>”


Is this a phishing email??


Check the url to the developer console. Maybe it leads to a fake one?

Gooogle with 3 o´s ? Fake

Fake with Google.com.de

Thank you for replying…

Guys be careful, as the Developer Console link takes you to a page very similar to Google login, I checked it with a fake account, it redirects you to actual Console login page after stealing your password.

Fake, emails doesnt start with Hello Google Play Developer it starts with Hello Dev Name like Hello Wasabi or Hello KittehFace Software

Hey ,

Be Carefull its a Fishing Page …

I’ve just got warning from Google regarding this phishing email… it seems that this email sent to many developers…Capture.JPG

I also received the same mail on my support email address

Many developers use their Gmail console account as support email, and this is not recommended, I believe that some of them believed this well formed fake email and logged in using this phishing link… Disaster!!!

Lol [emoji1] it’s phishing not fishing