A week in mobile core (Revenue) .. is that normal?

Hey guys,
I’ve integrated mobilecore a week ago and that’s what I’ve gotten till now , I wanted to check with you whether this is considered fine or I can earn more with another company…

MC is having very hard times probably… having 3-4 times less eCPM than usual

Everything is normal, depending on your app behavior, ad location, etc. Trust me - we’ve seen it all here in the forum.

If you only tried Mobile Core, I suggest that you try more networks. My best network is Appnext, but you can try others as well - Startapp, Airpush, Avocarrot, etc. The main point is - you won’t know which one is doing the best job for you, until you try.

Mobilecore having problems lately.Their eCpm is dropped like hell.My eCpm dropped from $1.5-2.0 to $0.20-0.30.Try Startapp or airpush thay are good.If you are not using ad at app launch or exit then try admob also they also pay good for full screen ads