A small challenge for MMWA guys

Hi guys,

I have a demo version of my “full game” (3-5 installs/day, 0.99cents): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.at2.biathlonmanagerfree
It is limited to only a couple of tournaments and inability to post your best scores in Leaderboard.
To test how ads might work, I’ve added Interstitial ads just after every biathlon race (like it is everywhere suggested - not to disturb players). Also, with an idea that if it goes fine maybe I can consider to make my full version free but with ads).
Every day I have around 10 new installs and 300-500 impressions… Quite many people go though all demo races resulting in 20-50 impressions per player.
Ads are shown well (I’ve checked on several devices of my friends), fill rate is 100% and everything looks good except:
After 6000 impressions I don’t have even one single click! :slight_smile:
Somebody can say that you have to wait more because it is not enough info collected, but still with usual CTR of 1% I would expect at least a couple of clicks…
I don’t care about any earnings from this demo version since the main reason of demo is to show what you might expect from full version, but it is still nice to know what I do wrong :slight_smile:

I think it all depends on the users, the percentage of the users who will actually click on the ad is low.

Do you use admob?

Yes, I also assume that admob is the first one to try (usually)?

- work on your ASO, track your keywords with appannie
- improve the GUI, its best to have all buttons the same size. If you really need to have some buttons in two columns and some in one column in one screen, make them equal. Example:
Button Button
Button Button

Or with brackets:
|| ||

It looks far better.

  • if you loose a position, it displays positive red number. Positive number looks like good. It would be better if it was arrow down and a red number, same with gaining a better position

Good luck with your game, I’m close to release a game somewhat similar (well, its not a manager, its MMORPG, the similarity is that its text-based with limited graphical effects).

Thanks, allagainstyou, for some useful comments! I am quite bad about GUI and such stuff (caring only about numbers, being big data scientist)…

However, what bothers me a bit more is one more day (yesterday) which is the same as always (on the screen) (~500 impressions and no one single click :slight_smile:


This is perfectly normal and it really depends on your users. I looked back my own stats and they looked somewhat like that:
527 impressions: 0 clicks
1102 impressions: 1 click
1831 impressions: 2 clicks
3017 impressions: 1 click

The actual number of impressions does not necessarily relate to the number of clicks. This applies even more if you got very few impressions.

Anyway you got 1329 requests but you only had 619 impressions. It seems you are requesting ads but you are not showing them. This is an actual problem because you waste ads. Try to keep ads as long as possible and do not just reload them. For instance if you show an ad in the main menu do not load a new ad for the game but keep the ad and change it only if it had been displayed at least 60 seconds or somewhat like that.

And just for your motivation my stats yesterday (AdMob):
510000 impressions, 5132 clicks, 190 USD revenue.

Keep it up :wink:

@Dummie, are you sure you are talking about interstitials? It is normal to have more requests than impressions with interstitials, and it is not normal to have less than 1% ctr. I get 100+ clicks with 5500 impressions of interstitial ads.

[edit] @at2 - don’t underestimate the power of GUI. Also, if you get 3-5 paid downloads and ~10 free downloads, do not give your full version for free… I think the demo + full paid version model might work fine with your game.

Or maybe your game is too good and users don’t want to leave it by clicking on ads. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Thanks for some useful feedback!
Finally, I could get a couple of clicks out of 500-600 impressions a day (by the way, one click from canada was for 3.50 euros, how come?)

Could you suggest any other advertisement programs comparable to admob?
My only one requirement is that it is big enough not to bother me with things like irregular payments, strange crashes and when it has only several ad-companies and cannot cover the world with proper ads. (I was involved quite a lot in an advertisement business about 15 years ago when we had many small ad-companies for websites and no adwords… brrr… don’t want to experience that again :slight_smile:
Are there any big names like admob to try? I have a feeling that there is admob and many many comparable small players.

Do any of you know some more interesting challenges? This one is too easy and boring:(

Huh, a bit rude of you, but I guess you are bored. You could try some more dynamic challenges, you could search for some on YouTube, there’s plenty going around. And if you have a lot of time to spare you could try lengthier challenges, for example, there’s this girl on YouTube, Rebecca Zamolo, she has pretty unique and hard challenges, I’ve been watching her videos for couple of weeks now, pretty entertaining in my opinion. If you are interested, I suggest her channel and look for her 24 hours challenges.