A new solution for App exposure [Free Organic/non incent Downloads ]

Hello developers,
We have come up with an innovative solution for getting exposure for your apps. Our platform will provide guaranteed visibility for your apps, thereby cutting down the cost for marketing.
Initially we will be having a user-base of around 100k who are interested in finding your content and with time we will reach to 1 Million user-base.
So your apps will be visible to our user-base for 7 days.
Finally a great exposure will result in downloads of your app if it is of great quality.
And there are no charges for it.
Your content will be visible for minimum 7 days for free and after that if you still want visibility then you can pay very minimal amount to extend your exposure.
And we wont be charging 1000s of dollar but less than $100
And one most important thing is that there is no incentive provided to the user, so people who are actually interested in your content will only download it.
Our goal is to promote the creativity of developers and help them reach their potential customers with a very less budget.

Here is the website where you start submitting your content. Here is the link: PLATEAU