A New smart Mediation Platform - Ampiri :)!

Hey everyone :o,

Ampiri here looking to make an introduction to the makingmoneywithandroid community!

Ampiri is your new favorite ad mediation solution entirely dedicated to help you monetize your wonderful apps.

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The ad tech space is already complex as it is and the current mediation market lacks transparency, very time consuming and can be bias. So we wanted to build something that would let us take care of all heavy lifting, while you focused on app creation.

Ampiri is an unbiased mediation solution with a single SDK that connects to hundreds of ad networks and DSPs. It empowers you to gain full control and transparency over your inventory and leverages a smart optimization engine to give you the best possible eCPM.

Hesitant about the integration part? Well, with our simple SDK integration wizard, you can integrate faster than making a coffee and with a few short lines of code. Start anytime by creating your account here!

Key Benefits:
FREE - no hidden monthly fees, no service fee, nothing, nada, zero.
Fully Transparent - visibility over your inventory performance in real-time
Neutral - unbiased and only competing to maximize your eCPM
Automation - complete control of your prioritization
Intelligent optimization - smart ad serving decision engine yields highest eCPM
Nicely blended - ad networks and DSPs blended into a single campaign selection engine

Ampiri is powered by mobile pioneer, Glispa Global Group and based out of Berlin.

Have any questions about anything? Reach out via email: [email protected]


does it work without admob ?
how are payout terms ?

Hello Tobiblueeyes!

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: Yes you can mediate other top 20 networks(Facebook,MoPub,Avcarrot…) without AdMob!
Please check our supported network list here.
And our payout cycle is Net 30 days. If you need more details about our pricing model, please let me know or you can email to [email protected]. They will be always happy to help you :slight_smile:

Your awesome Ampiri support team

not directed at you but why are ad networks addicted to paying net-30? I’ve been an affiliate for over a decade and if CPA networks paid net-30 they would be out of business extremely fast. It’s just mental to me why networks pay net-30 and expect big developers to use them, guys who do volume want their money now, they don’t want to be waiting 30-40 days to get paid.

I only work with networks that pay weekly, i’ve been screwed to many times by networks that take 30+ days to pay …again, not directed at you Ampiri as this is a industry wide issue

Looks very interesting. I just signed up. Help documentation and website wizard are not very consistent though, but it works.