A month with Ogury ,eCPM $25

Hi Am Paul, an indie android developer in Uganda, here are some of my apps

Last month I received an email from a one, Adrian Williams, VP of publishing with Ogury Ltd.

Here’s the website for their company

It’s not your conventional Ad network, it shows an impression called a “recommendation” at the start of your app.

Since their implementation wasn’t going to interfere with my already existing monetization schemes such as admob, i took the plunge. This was mid August, most of my traffic is from the US, India, Korea, Indonesia, combined EU in that order. I average 20,000 impressions on Admob daily. And have 40,000 people currently with one of my apps on their devices.

And today (19th Sept) I received the August Earnings.
They have a minimum payment threshold of $50 and can pay via PayPal as well as bank transfer.
They have a minimum payout of $50 and can pay via paypal or Bank wire transfer

I frankly didnt believe it all and didnt want to share anything here until i had actually received the Money.

So if you want to add a monetization avenue that wont affect your existing banners and interstitials, I believe this is worth a plunge.
or email adrian above for any details i may not have ironed out.

Goodluck bros (and sisters, all 3 of you)


I was going to try them out, but like 3 different reps kept trying to contact me and they just seemed a bit too desperate in the end.

When you thanked me, I thought I’d finally got someone to back up my claims.
After all these views, no one is bringing feedback.

Do you know what means ogóry(ogury) in my language? Cucumbers, ill not try network what called cucumbers :smiley:

:blush: I see. I guess I’ll wait for someone else to share their experience

I honestly don’t think they have much global inventory. It’s mostly EU and US. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Any news? I’m interested in them for non GP apps

They are still going strong, but their revenue is somewhat erratic, last month I made $914 from them and this month so far only $55

How much fill are you getting? I think its around 1% for us, maybe less but I haven’t fully ran all the numbers in a while.

Any updates about this network? They’ve contacted me and promised 12 eCPM worldwide. But I’m not sure if that would be lifetime, plus they seem to need awfully a lot of permissions.

Yeah they need a lot of permission some we never used before…:mad:

I’ve had an extensive chat with them yesterday and all those permissions are now removed. Their SDK does not require any extra permissions. The 12 eCPM is fixed and worldwide, but they have the biggest inventory for Tier 1 countries.

Nevertheless, I think I’ll skip their offer for now.