A list of All Incentivized Install Providers

Today I am going to provide some informaton of incentivized installs for Android. Some pals on this site say that it is not effective using incentivized installs, I would not engage in detailed discussion here.

1. app2top
Country of Company: Russia
Capacity: up to 200,000 in one month
Price: $0.05 or above for high retention installs (users can immediately remove the App); you can choose keyword installs at additional cost

  • Real users *
    Top Geolocation distribution: east european countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc

2. Keyapp.top
Country of Company: Cyprus
Capacity: 5000 per day
Price: $0.09 per standard install; $0.16 per US keyword install (i.e. users will search your app on google play)
Top Geolocation distribution: USA,

3. Waypedia
Country of Company: USA/Argentina
Capacity: 4000-12000 per day
Price: $0.12 per low retention install; $0.14 if selected country low retention instal
Top Geo Locations: Vietname (2331 - 4969); USA (511 - 1003); Spain (269 - 916)

4. Cpimobi

Country of Company: Ind_ia
Price: $0.1 per low retention install; $0.12 if targetted country low retention
Capacity: 500-2000 per day
Top Geolocation distribution: USA (100-200); Russia (100-200); Indonesia (100-200)

Caution Point:

  1. the company is a bit shady, it has untrue Forbes and VentureBeat reviews on the main page and, presumably, untrue allegation that Supercell is its client.
  2. Its app, Wild Wallet, also has records of failing to deliver money to incentivized install providers.

Good luck with your use of incentivized installs!

To me cpimobi looks same as ayet. Same website may be it’s reseller of ayet

Recently I’ve been running same android app campaign with ayet and cpimobi. And the traffic was different so I don’t think they are reselling.
They also offered me $0.07 CPI which ayet couldn’t do though

agreed, i think they just use the same dashboard, that’s it.

you do know they buy templates for the dashboards right? That template of that dashboard could be bought on graphicriver so they are not resellers. Ayet-studios is good help you get a bump in installs

My suggestion regarding Incentivized downloads is that you should avoid them, some years ago they were effective but not today.

i like App2top, but they have low install with US Country capacity

I think the result is not as effective as 2 or 3 years ago, in the past if you buy 10k+, it is easy that it will bring 30k+ to your App in 1 year. Now the number may be halved, but I would say it still has some effects. Particularly when you don’t have budget to do other kinds of promotion.

Anyway, no promotion means will guarantee success 100%, developers need to take the gamble :slight_smile:

@bestpromotion2 i think you is App2top people, plz increased US capacity

so ayet has Cash Pirate app on google play for incent installs
how does CPIMobi gets its user, do they have any app or how they bring traffic?

Yes, they use Wildwallet

good list, but 4 provide is not enough

bump :cool:

Hey, @bestpromotion2
I create order 20 reviews in app2top, around 13+ hours ago. But the progress stuck at 50%.
I tried to contact app2top via skype and support email, but there is no reply back.

Pls can you help me?


hi, I am not one of them.
hope it is solved :slight_smile:

Google might have deleted some of the reviews, they often delete fake reviews.

I think this problem not because of google. I tried to bought 1 review for my other app and it’s still working.

How to install these app on android and how take advantages from them?

App2top is not working for me , 4 day and still 0 progress , can’t deliver installs