A list of All Incentivized Install Providers

Today I am going to provide some informaton of incentivized installs for Android. Some pals on this site say that it is not effective using incentivized installs, I would not engage in detailed discussion here. Please refer to this post for how incentivized installs has successfully lifted installs for a game of a friend called FunkApp on this site over a long run:


here is the list:

  1. ayet-studios
    ayeT-Studios: ayeT-Studios - The first stop for effective app promotion
    Country of Company: Germany
    Capacity: 2000-6000 per day
    Price: $0.09 or above for low retention installs (users can immediately remove the App); $0.14 or above for 3 days retention
    Top Geolocation distribution: India (280 - 715 per day); Indonesia (285 - 712); United States (203 - 507); Spain (203 - 607)
    Source of traffic: CashPirate
    Advantage: cheap price, easy to use dashboard
    Disadvantage: some incentivized users may leave strange comments like “Cashpirate reference code : XXXX, let’s earn together”

Overall: 4.5/5

  1. App2top
    Country of Company: Russia
    Capacity: 14000-20000 per day
    Price: $0.10 per install with 3 days retention, targetted country
    Top Geolocation distribution: UK (6700-8000); Russia (3000-4000); Spain (700-800)
    Source of traffic: owner’s devices with private vpn
    Advantages: cheapest option with 3 days retention (which matters for ranking), quickest burst with 15000+ in a day, concentration on high ecpm countries, no strange reviews like cashpirate or other Apps due to use of automated downloads
    Disadvantage: automated downloads, though there is no history of any developers being banned for using it.

Overall: 4.5/5

  1. Waypedia
    Country of Company: USA/Argentina
    Capacity: 4000-12000 per day
    Price: $0.12 per low retention install; $0.14 if selected country low retention instal
    Top Geo Locations: Vietname (2331 - 4969); USA (511 - 1003); Spain (269 - 916)
    Source of traffic: unknown, presumably real persons
    Advantages: pretty all-rounded
    Disadvantages: unknown source of installs, the price is slightly higher than others

Overall: 4.0/5

  1. Cpimobi
    Country of Company: India
    Price: $0.1 per low retention install; $0.12 if targetted country low retention
    Capacity: 500-2000 per day
    Source of traffic: Wild Wallet
    Top Geolocation distribution: USA (100-200); Russia (100-200); Indonesia (100-200)
    Advantages: discounts if buy in high volume
  2. the company is a bit shady, it has fake Forbes and VentureBeat reviews on the main page and, presumably, fake allegation that Supercell is its client.
  3. Its app, Wild Wallet, also has records of failing to deliver money to incentivized install providers.
  4. It’s speed is also low compared with other providers (500-200 per day).
  5. Same problem of having strange reviews for your Apps

Overall: 2.5/5