A job that needs a knife

Who here has a job that requires a decent knife?
I’m a volunteer UK HM Coastguard living right by the sea in Cornwall; it’s not my main job at all (we run a PR business) but it keeps me busy and is a good excuse to buy good torches, headtorches and knives!

I use mine a lot; in an extreme emergency it can also be a lifesaver to cut rope.

I work as a security guard in one of the city companies.

Fortunately, I don’t need a knife at work. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have held back and dealt with my asshole boss. I was joking about the knife, of course, but seriously, now I have such terrible leadership at work that half of the employees have been fired. They were practically kicked out after they announced their departure. I am very afraid that I will not be overtaken by such a situation. I have read some useful tips on https://jobsandcareer.tips/letter-of-resignation-the-definitive-guide/ about how to quit. I hope everything works out. Maybe someone can give me some advice on this?

I don’t really have a job, it’s a hobby. I love hunting, and I can’t go anywhere without a good knife.