A few tips on how to get your app featured

Getting your app featured can mean a big thing in terms of getting visibility. Your app will be listed on the top of the app store’s page and draw hundreds of thousands of eyeballs, which would otherwise take years to accomplish. You could get so much attention only when you give a big boost to your app’s visibility, especially when you buy app ratings. So how to increase the chances of getting app installs in the app store it is listed in.

1. Create a High Quality App
No matter what amount of promotional strategies you use or you buy app ratings in the thousands, the long-term success of your app depends on its quality. Both Apple and Google have created the iOS App Store and Play Store, respectively because they want to offer quality products to their users. If your app is not high quality, it is not going to get featured in the app store. It’s as simple as that. So this is a prerequisite for getting featured.

2. Develop the App for the Specific App Store
If you are creating an app to be added to the iOS App Store, make sure it is designed and developed keeping in mind the specifics of the Apple Store. When you design specific to the platform, say iOS, it shows Apple that you are loyal to it. This increases your chances of getting featured.

3. Localize your App
Localizing your app to specific markets can also increase the chances of your app getting featured. When you localize your app, you are able to reach a larger audience. Your app will be able to reach more countries. You can also buy app ratings from time to time to increase app downloads.

4. Create High Quality App Description
Make sure your app has a high-quality description. Even if you have developed a high quality app, it is less likely to get featured if the app description is of poor quality. The description is important both for your target audience and for the app store algorithm. Write an interesting and informative description that compels people to download your app.

The screenshots and video also play an important role. Make sure to add high quality screenshots and create an enticing video that shows the main features and highlights of your app. Without these factors your app is not likely to get featured.

5. Buy App Ratings
When you buy app ratings, you can not just increase the number of reviews your app has, but also the number of downloads it gets. All these factors help increase your app’s visibility by boosting its app search rankings. And the more popular your app becomes, the higher will be the chances of it getting featured.

So follow these 5 tips to boost the chances of your app getting featured. Make sure it is well optimized through app store optimization and promote it as much as possible. You should also buy app ratings from time to time. The more popular, useful and relevant your app seems to be, the more it is likely to get featured.