A developer from non-merchant country, please help.

I have been using unity3d game engine for mobile game development. I have been learning stuffs for over one and half year. Now upon proceeding to market I came to know, I can not register as merchant for selling. Now it is sadden me much. I am from Bangladesh. Can someone tell me which appstore will allow me selling apps? What about in-app purchase? Can I do it from a non merchant account in google play? I am really frustrated :(:(guys. Help me out.

you can’t :frowning: You have to have account from merchant country. Check samsung apps and amazon, don’t know about Bangladesh in these shops.
Resolution: find someone who will publish your app and send cash with some provision (risky)
Go open company in different country + bank account.

Lets say I have relatives(permanent inhabitants or green card holders) in those supported countries. They will open both merchant and bank account for me. Then can I control my online merchant account from Bangladesh?

No, bank account and physical adress(you can rent some adress for month, open bank account and close adress), then back to Bangladesh :wink: ofcourse you have use foreign bank account to receive payments but now all is online so no problem. You can control acc from Bangladesh :wink:

With controlling I meant, my friends and relatives(who will act like publisher)'s merchant account will be fully controller from Bangladesh. I will log on to that merchant account, upload apk and such, all from Bangladesh. The tax will be handled by them, And they will get a share from revenue. Is this a legal n ok approach? The key point is, I will upload stuff on google play, they wont. It is because, I am afraid they wont recognize the technical stuffs online. So I want to control merchant account from BD.

You can upload from your computer in Baladesh, no problem. You can share the merchant account to your google account, or take it easy, just log in the merchant account right from your computer.