A dedicated server to host a mobile game?

What would you advice to do when a newbie tries to create his first online games ? :slight_smile:
Do I need a dedicated server for this?

Yes, definately without server you won’t be able to launch it

Hey, buddy. I had the same problem as you do now, buddy. You can even use a bare metal server. I was trying to create a game but I needed a server so I used Google in order to find something suitable. I’ve been searching for 2 days I read a lot of forums and I found this site where bare metal server are. I’ve been using it for 2 months and everything is okay. I compared the prices between the cheap site and the site which has more expensive servers and I can say that the cheap variant has the same specs and it’s cheaper, I pay only 50$ instead of 60-80$, which is a suitable variant. Also, these guys managed to set up my server really fast which was very great because I needed that very much, I had a lot of things to do.