a cross promotion platform - request for feedback

Good Morning Guys,

I am currently working on making my cross promotion system a public service, available for other indie developers. And I am looking for some help from you to shape the system into what is really needed.

Till today it was a private website and I have used it for managing cross promotion within my own apps. Given the fact its actually a standalone service which can be usefull for others I decided to polish it a little bit and allow others to use. This morning I made it available at More Apps | Login - and I would highly appreciate if you could have a look and give your feedback.

What it allows is to maintain a list of your apps (icon, short description, download URL). List is divided into platforms (e.g. Android-Play, Android-Amazon, WindowsPhone, iOS) and allows sorting apps based on priority. Each app on the listing gets a unique URL that when accessed displays a mobile friendly “More Apps” page. This page shows up to 10 apps from relevant platform, sorted on priority, excluding the app that called the URL. System tracks impressions for “More Apps” pages and clicks that particular app received (user clicked its icon or description, was routed to market, this does not equal install of course). To implement it in your apps you do not need any SDKs, the URL for “More Apps” page shall be displayed in a webView (JavaScript has to be enabled in WebView or the formating will be wrong). To make some money with it, or to at least get back the costs I do consume 5% of impressions and present a 50/50 “sponsored” page - up to 5 apps from Publisher and 5 apps from my apps inventory.

So if you want to help shaping the system or you have no cross promotion system in your apps yet - give clckstream.com a try. I will be happy to guide you through setup if needed.

Please let me know if you like the idea?
Would you be interested in using such service when its production ready.
Do you see the 5% sponsored impressions rate as high/low/adequate?
What features am I missing?

This is an alpha release - no promises of uptime or anything right now. Though it handles my minimal loads quite well :slight_smile:

I have purchased the VPS for few months in advance so I can promise you the site will be up till January 2015.

What is coming with second alpha release: multilingual descriptions and daily stats + charts.

hmm … seems not a single soul interested in giving it a try. well, thats also a feedback :slight_smile:

maybe those who r interested in this kind of stuff, already got one?)

  1. How can devs be sure that you show only 5%? You can change it to 50% and no one will know about it…
  2. Admob has mediation (house ads?). why would someone need yours?
  3. As said at the beginning, some already have their custom cross promotion.

You may want to think about changing the concept, the way it’s now, i dont see any future of it.

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. fair point, but same applies to any other service you use and believe what is stated as part of their documentation … you could easily give it a try with 1000 impressions and check the results :slight_smile:
  2. house ads are canibalizing your impressions - having a separate “more apps” button, especially with more than one app to select from seems a better use of your inventory.
  3. Agree - I had mine for quite a while and thats where this idea originated from … it should be easier to delegate this than write / maintain you own. at least that is my thinking.

Thanks again - valuable feedback.

New features just have been released

I have updated the app with multiple languages support - now it should recognize user preference and as long as you have a description ready in that language this will be the one presented.

Also - now there is more clarity thanks to charts and csv export for stats.

following 2 months of no activity I do keep the server running (1 year purchase) but I also understand noone gives a … and either you have it done by yourself or do not belive there is a need for such service.

I’ve been using a similar cross-promotion service, tappx… it seemed ok at first.
The problem I’ve had is that it has limited audience. After a few weeks I feel that most of the users have already seen my ad and the number of clicks-to-impressions has dropped sharply… as such I’ve reduced the usage of this platform

so the issue I have with the service is probably the same problem the service has - it needs more publicity.
Therefore, I would say unless you are able to get lots of publishers and users through uh hm $$$ or some crazy marketing effort this is a very hard space to compete in.