91 Locker-DIY Your Locker

91 Locker is an app that gathers massive beautiful templates, gathered lock wallpapers, news, tools in one of the personalized DIY lock screen! We all need a smooth, small sized, private lock screen app. 「91 Locker」came to your side, just for you to unlock the phone and experience the most beautiful moment.

91 Locker, your unique DIY lock screen with photos.

  • Beautiful and easy templates to create unique DIY lock screen with photos of you and your family
  • Wallpapers with various visual styles by professional galleries
  • Unique passcode features to make your personal DIY passcode and protect your privacy
  • Convenient and fluent interface with alerts for important messages and shortcuts to improve efficiency

DIY Lock Screen Templates

  • Beautiful DIY templates to create unique lock screen with photos of you and your family.Updated daily DIY lock screen template, one-tap of application and give you the best lock screen.
  • Easily operated lock screen with templates and your photos.Personalized DIY templates combination to make you a DIY Lock Screen Talent.

High-Quality lock Wallpaper Gallery

  • More than 5000 HD lock wallpapers for free. You can freely set template background and lock screen wallpapers so that your photos, templates and wallpapers can be more adaptive and more unique.
  • Various types including fair ladies, vehicles, travel, nature, sport, etc.
    Unique Passcode
  • Protect your privacy with our passcode features. Unique way to unlock, make your phone more unusual.
  • Customized passcode interface that best matches the passcodes and templates.Photo password, set the phone photos for personalized password. Password pattern, a wide range of password patterns. Password styles, personalized password interface.

Convenient & Fluent

  • Check messages for missed calls, unread SMS and notifications from apps including music players when screen is locked
  • Use camera, flashlight, calculator, alarms, etc. conveniently without unlocking

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flkeyguard.lockscreen
Facebook:91 Locker


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