8k install - a day 48$ earning

i have daily 8.000 install app , but i using onnly interstial ad with mobilecore. Earnings a day 40-50$

its normal ? i think i should change ad company. what do you think about my revenue ?

Dont use mobile core they are counting less impression…

can u say me which company i need to use ?

use this StartApp - Developer Register May be it can help you

@gqn add appnext and you will make much more. I see most of your users are from Turkey and we are probably have the highest ecpms in Turkey.

No thanx for appnext. i’m out :slight_smile:

Admob and you will make $100+

Don’t miss out!

but app is mp3 download app , so illegal. i think i cannot use admob . am i right ?

I feel jealous looking at your income report

Yeah they would most likely ban you at some point.
Nothing’s guaranteed mind, but it wouldn’t be worth the risk as you could never use Admob again and they would withhold outstanding earnings with them once you’re banned.

You can use admob with your music downloader app.
but sooner or later your app is gonna get banned from the market and if your admob is linked to your dev account then you will lose your admob earnings.
don’t get greedy because you might loose everything.

I think as someone recommanded you StartApp will be good for you :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

i think mobilecore is best for me