7 Ways To Market Your Mobile App

Knowing where your mobile users are hanging out is essential to marketing your mobile app. Companies have found their best spending on promoting their apps is through mobile advertising networks and real-time bidding exchanges. Offering bids in real-time gives marketers an opportunity to get easy on the pocket targeting to their sought-after users.

Here you will find 7 ways to market your mobile app:

#1 Define Your Target Market

It can be very costly to try and market to everyone. As such, you need to define who your target market is. You can group them by demographics, (e.g., gender, education, etc.), psychographics such as spending habits, buyer attitudes, and life values.

#2 Study Your Competition

Knowing about your competitors’ key leads will help you to:

• Better communicate with your target audience
• Differentiate your mobile app from competitors
• Fine-tune your methods
• Get through difficulties in your industry

#3 Design a Landing Page That Sells

Having and keeping a reader informed should be the purpose of your landing page. It should include information such as: 1) the name of the mobile app; 2) benefits and features; 3) promotional video (people are visual); and 4) a call-to-action.

#4 App Store Optimization

The same way you optimize a website to get found on search engines is why you should optimize your app. This will help get your mobile app ranked in an app store search results (e.g., Google Play). Androidinstalls.com can help boost your app’s ranking! The higher the rank, the greater visibility of your app being seen by potential buyers.

#5 Start A Blog

Let people know that you are creating an app and showcase the steps involved in its development. A blog can generate buzz about your app and increase your site’s visibility to people who are searching online for the type of app you’re promoting.

#6 Social Media Networks

Don’t forget about social media. Utilizing social media networks is a great way to reach your target audience. You have access to data that lets you know about your user’s habits and interests. As such, you can structure your ads to be more specifically targeted.

#7 Measure App Campaigns

Always track your campaigns and make sure you use mobile-specific software to ensure that your data is accurate. Many different platforms are designed specifically to monitor mobile campaigns. All you have to do is search online and you should have no trouble finding one that meets your needs. It is important to understand what is working and what isn’t so that you can tweak and improve for maximum results. For example, concentrate on ASO, getting organic and loyal visitors, and cost-per-download.

Closing Thoughts

Marketing your mobile app is necessary for visibility, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Be sure to keep your users in mind by paying attention to details. Greater visibility of your app increases the opportunity of having your app downloaded. For more information, checkout androidinstalls.com to help boost your app’s ranking!

I have a question for you.
How many ways to promote your app in Social Media Networks?

In my opinion the most necessary are:Positive reviews, social proof, app starts, backlinks and keyword relevance. If you follow this factors, I think, you will be successful.