6th income Goal Achieved!

hey guys this is my sept income report and i finally passed my goal !!!

old Admob 1~18 :

Requests: 4,148,908

Impressions: 3,909,999

Fill Rate: 89.31% ( + 2.57%)

CTR: 0.70% ( - 0.08%)

eCPM: $0.47 ( +0.4$)


New admob 19~30:

Requests: 3,496,653

Impressions: 3,153,073

Fill Rate: 92.31%

CTR: 0.58%

eCPM: $0.48


Total admob:
Requests:7,644,354 (+ 1.68 M)
Impressions:7062 (+ 2 M)

Clicks: 12,850 (-139)
Installs:2,847 (+258)

clicks : 2070
ecpm :0.81%

revenue :
Admob:blush: 3,283,54 (+$1035)
appbrain:$520 (+ $82)
mobilcore : 57$

Total : $3858 (+$1167)

Total installs so far : 1,000,000

i started to use mobilecore in my apps in the beginning and after i switched to the new admob i started to use admob interstitial ads .
My goal when i started to develop was 3k$/month and 1 Million Downloads after 5 months i reached this goal after a lot of work! :D:D
My next goal will be 10k/month and 10 million downloads i know it requires about 3x current effort and creativity but hopefully i will do it!!
i bought galaxy S4 for this celebration and when i achieve my next target i will buy A car!!
a million thanks for this forum members who are very helpful and cooperative i wouldn’t done this without you guys :smiley:


Well done! What’s your next goal?
I’m currently trying to get to 10k a month!

10 millions download and 10k/month :smiley:

mobilecore seems weak… $57 for 2070 clicks is terrible. whats your traffic like, geographically?

congrats. You must have done some real hard work in research, development, marketing and monetization. Its not easy to manage all of them and still be alive :smiley:

Great inspiration

How many apps do you have? All of them games?

like to see stats like this :smiley: