Making Money with Android

67% of Developers live Under the App Poverty line (Revenues Less Than $500/month)

Hi All,

Did you know that “67% of developers who want to earn money live under the App Poverty line” which as of June 2013 was defined as “revenues of less than $500 per month” (Schuermans, 2013)? Why should that be the case when the app stores are making a fortune from apps.

Part of the reason is because the top performing apps do tons of mobile app marketing. Do you market your apps? If so please help in this brief survey developed for school research to understand what independent developers need to do to better expose their apps and receive the downloads they need.

App Developer Only:

App User Only:

We look forward to sharing the results of this research with you all. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Thank you for the generous response so far. 16 developer responses already. Any additional support in filling the survey is very welcome.

I’m a very good and detailed tester. Please feel free to reach out in the future if you need my help. Regards.

I answered the survey, only took me 5 mins :wink:

I answered too, like BaksaiApps, it only took me 5 minutes

Thank u! 24 responses already. Really appreciate it!

Thank u! 24 responses already. Really appreciate it!

Completed the survey

This are my apps, reviews will be helpful for me

Thanks for taking the survey. i downloaded your apps. Will PM.

Thanks a lot everyone. Half way there! 50 responses from 100 required.
Thanks for your assistance and counting on your help to make it. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot all. Will be closing the survey soon. Your help in filling the survey is greatly appreciated. Should you have a minute to take the survey, please do not hesitate :slight_smile: