600 ~ 700 Downloads daily and almost nothing from ad networks

Hi developers

My app (a simple word game about dragon ball) is getting some success in the play store.
600 ~ 700 downloads daily. The problem is that i’m getting almost $0 from adnetworks (at this time I’m using a combination of Heyzap mediation, mobilecore and appnext, in this order). The total of impressions is about 3000 impressions daily. Is this right? Should I expect more revenue from this numbers, take some action, or just wait and see what happens? I know every app is different and Geo and other factors affect too, but in overall, what do you think?
I really need opnions. Please help me. Thank you so much.

Give it a time …Try to make those imps to 10k…don’t worry …you will earn

Well depends…
For example, I have 2 games, low installs per day, one around 200 per day, the second only 30.
The one with 200 I get usually around 80 cents per day (800 impressions), the second one with 200 impressions I get around $1.5

I use admob

How long has been like this? With 600 downloads a day its normal that some days u get 0, but the monthly average should be like 5$ / 6& per day


@NokiaDev, @flyvit and @bradolh, thanks for replying :)… So, answering your question bradolh, the app is live since August 5th and here is some figures :
Total downloads: 7k
Active users: about 3k
Daily downloads: 600 ~ 700

What do you think? Thanks!

The numbers look good to me.
How much have you earned in last 17 days togethers with this app?

From my experiences you should get at least a few $ per day for yours installs.

Hi @flyvit

Here is my ad revenue for this app at the moment:

3,58 Chartboost
0,11 Applovin (Terrible)
5,78 Appnext
1,20 UnityAds
0,00 Heyzap AdNetwork
0,00 MobileCore

10,67 TOTAL

Heyzap (including UnityAds) and MobileCore were integrated just a few days ago (7 days I think), so I understand one week is to early to start showing some results…
But applovin performs terrible for me from the beginning (I think it’s a great ad network, but better for iOS apps, so I deactivated it from Heyzap mediation a few days ago)…
Chartboost give me only 4 installs (average 1 dolar per install) all over this period (even when I was using no mediation, just chartboost and applovin, when the app was launched)…

Appnext was integrated from the beggining in the app too, showing one interstitial at app launch. For all this days, here is the appnext stats:

Appnext interstitials are great for app launching, because they are very light, so can cache too fast.
For example, even with my own waterfall implemented (methods to check if there are heyzap, mobilecore and last appnext interstitials ready, in this order, at applaunch 90% of the time appnext interstitials always show, meaning heyzap and mobilecore do not cached the interstitial in time)…

The problem is the low revenue from installs. I got 0,17 cents two or three times for providing an instalation, which I think is very low, even for Mexico (60% of my app audience is from there). A Tier2 country should not provide so bad results I think…
I asked appnext for support , they were great and answered my questions too quickly, but unfortunately everything was normal with my sdk integration, and there’s nothing I could do to improve this numbers…

Here is my chartboost total stats for all the period (in the beggining without mediation, and since august 16th with heyzap mediation):

So, now with this new informations what do you think?
Should I just wait, or take some action?
I would like to give it a try to appodeal, seems to be a good option, but I think I should wait some more days with Heyzap…

Thank you again.

Isn’t showing ad on app start forbidden?

If I were you, I would use less different networks. I would use max 2 or 3. I think you would see more realistic results since there would be more impressions on each network.

Is forbidden by Admob only.

It’s not forbidden. It’s just not recommended, as it can cause accidental clicks.

I don’t like admob too much. Their policies are very bad… I think every interstitial can cause accidental clicks, since it’s a pop-up that user don’t expect…

@flyvit It’s only 3 networks, because heyzap is mediation and centralize all revenue in their dashboard… But maybe I will stop using appnext for this app, so it will be only heyzap and mobilecore.

What do you think about appodeal? Does it worths to try?

Hi Highway Mobile,

Congrats on the recent traction of your app. And do not fret, you will see your revenue grow as your user base continues to grow. However if you’d like to monetize immediately, we are offering a beta sign-up bonus of up to $500 USD for qualified apps. If you’re interested in learning more don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]


Hi HighwayMobile,

Like flyvit mentioned, it’s better to divide your traffic between max. 2-3 ad networks - especially when your app is relatively small or still growing.
You can always try different networks to see which one works the best for you, keeping in mind that it usually takes at least a couple of days to see accurate results (in your case I would recommend at least a week).
AdBuddiz ads are really quick and easy to integrate, with just 2 lines of code to paste. Our advertisers usually pay $1-$4 per install (for high payout countries, Mexico is indeed a smaller market).

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to check out our website or send me an email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

Google’s exact wording is “disallowed”. That’s way closer to “forbidden” than “not recommended”.

Well my Admob manager has told me many times it’s fine, when checking how the CTR etc is. It is just a guideline.

I don’t doubt that. My own AdMob rep actually recommended showing an interstitial at app load time just a little over a year ago. However, the AdMob reps are very junior people at Google, so I wouldn’t advocate to other devs going against AdMob’s public recommendations based on what someone like that says to you personally. But then again, you may be talking to someone higher up at Google.