6 useful ways to promote your app

Hello friends, today I want to share some tips which can help developers promote your app. As we all know that even you create a very good app, it maybe will not know by more people. So app promotion is very important and necessary. Here I will share some tips about how to do app promotion.

1. Create an eye catching app icon
With over 1.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1.5 million in the App Store, there’s a lot of noise in any category you choose you have your app in. Due to that noise, many people choose to take interest in apps, only when the app icon entices them.

To make your app icon stand out, it should:
[li]Have a unique shape that stands out[/li][li]Have a limited pallet of colors – 2 is enough to create contrast[/li][li]Avoid using a photo – it blends in too much![/li][li]Avoid a lot of text, it’s barely readable anyways[/li][li]Be creative[/li][li]Create a demo video[/li][/ul]

2. Join Linkedin and Facebook Groups
Linkedin is a massive social network with 400 million business professionals and Facebook has over 1 billion users. They represent many markets, many industries and has groups for just about everything you can think of. Find groups that are made up of people that closely resemble your existing customers or your ideal customers and share the app with them. Explain the benefit of using the app and why they should use the app. If you find a big group, contact the admin of the group and ask them to partner with you to promote the app. It could be in exchange for money as a paid promotion or it could be a referral partnership where you pay for each download or each new customer.

3. Influencer Sharing
Leveraging the power of influencers can be the best way to drive mass amounts of traffic to your mobile. To do this you simply have to go to a website to find a list of relevant influencers in your mobile app’s space. You can do a joint venture, where they get involved in promoting your app for a price or in exchange for something on your end. Or you can simply ask for a share if the mobile app is relevant and adds value to them.

4. Get as much as app installs
Large amount app installs not only can help boost app store rankings, but also can make app rank higher in the search result. Data show that over 70% people download an app through searching in the app store. If your app have a large amounts installs, your app will come in the top few in the search result. You can ask your friends, classmates and families help, let them download your app. The most effective way get app installs is to [b]buy app installs[/b] from reliable company, which can provide high quality services from real users, they install your app and play it.

5. Get as much as positive reviews
App reviews and ratings play an essential part in app promotion, which can affect your app installs and ranking in App Store. Thus, to promote an iOS app, getting more app high-quality 5 star reviews are necessary for app developers. You can ask your friends and relatives’ help, exchange reviews in some related forums or incentivize users to give positive reviews and high ratings. But the most effective way is to [b]buy app reviews and ratings[/b] from a reliable company which can provide real users’ reviews.

6. Publish new updates constantly
Your customers need to know you are always making the app better for them. Apps that are not being cared for will be thrown away. Users will feel betrayed if you are not doing all you can to make the experience better for them. This is especially true of you still have not addressed many of the issues that customers rage about in the review sections. Keep your app content fresh and let your customers know that you are always planning something more for them to enjoy.

Great Post, Its surely helps me to get market my app. Thanks for shairing

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Pretty basic stuff but for sure will be helpful to those who are just starting up

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Promoting an app is very crucial to get high downloads on play store. The technique you shared helps a lot to promote my app.

Some of the ways to promote your app:

  1. Encourage customer reviews and ratings.
  2. Create an intro video your app and share it on the popular social media channels.
  3. Submit your app to directories.
  4. Become a guest blogger.
  5. create and share interesting infographics.

From all of these techniques most effective one is
Submit app on different play stores like getjar, amazon, mobengie etc
to increase app install instantly.

Thanks, for sharing useful information with us!
In addition, you may also use the Instagram social media platform for promoting your app which is a slightly higher user engagement ratio social media platform rather than Facebook & LinkedIn.

Great post! thanks for the advice. Although you need to add one more thing.
Optimize the app for ranking higher in keyword search in SERPs.

Great Post!
Mention 6 ways to promote Mobile App is very effective & prominent methods. Apart from these strategies, social media marketing method is the most powerful way to promote any kind of thing.

Social sharing, google ads and the guest posting technique (when you buy some review on different domains) are of course the most popular and effective ways to promote your app. But don’t forget about instant messaging platforms like Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp. According to Neil Patel research you can get 88% open rates and 56% CTRs using facebook messenger:


This statistics is really impressive, so, you certainly should use messengers to promote your app, but also you need to put a lot of effort to do it correctly and get some results.
And don’t forget about email marketing. You might think the email marketing is dead, but statistics says the total cost of email marketing campaigns provided by US companies grew from $2.07 billion in 2014 to $3.07 billion in 2019:


Here is a good article on how to start the first email campaign the right way and benefit all its advantages:


So, hope my advice will be useful for you.

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Great post! ThanK you! Just want to add 7th way -using keyword promotion and get more installs to be on TOP position on search. For example, I use keyapp.top because it provides huge amount of installs and big variety of geos. Recommend it to you!