6 Tips to boost your app downloads with keywords

Data shows that over 63% users download an app by searching keyword in the app stores, so keyword is the most important part to boost app downloads. Here I will list 6 tips to boost your app downloads with keywords, details as follows:

Choose the Keywords which are related to your app
Your keyword should be related to your app. In other words, if there is someone searching for one keyword, while it is not related to your app. Even your app is ranking #1, how likely will they be to download your app?

Choose the Keywords which you can rank in the top 10
It has no much impacts if your app is ranking beyond #300 for a keyword even it gets billions of searches a month. Because nobody is willing to scroll the phone to find it as he has to achieve that far in search results. So be sure to choose those keywords which are easier to rank for.

Choose the Keywords Which have High Download Rates
Some keywords maybe related to your app and easier to rank for, but some of them still have low download rates, even no download rates. What you should do is giving up them.

Most keyword tools can analyze the above 3 factors, such as App Annie, AppTweak,Sensor Tower, etc.

Add Keywords in App Title, which can improve your app ranking by 10.3%.

Boost Keyword Ranking. To boost app ranking, the most efficient way is [b]buying keyword search installs[/b], which can boost your app ranking in 8~10 hours, highly recommend.

Increase Keywords Coverage
As Mentioned before, most people download an app by searching keyword in the app stores, the more keywords your app covers, you more chances it will get to be noticed and installed.Ways to increase keyword coverage:
[li]Leave No Spaces: do not include any empty spaces – not between words and not before/after commas.[/li][li]Don’t Use Phrases: separate all keywords by commas. [/li][li]Use short keywords[/li][li]Use digits, not words[/li][li]Don’t Pluralize[/li][li]Don’t Add “Free:” [/li][li]Omit Company Name[/li][/ul]

Hope the 6 tips are useful to you.

one of the most important part for ASO (App Store Optimization) is keyword research. the more you know about finding the best combination of keywords, the higher you’ll rank for them and the more your app will be downloaded. Here are some tips and tricks to optimize your keywords:
Make sure to investigate the competitors and top ranked apps thoroughly. It helps you find relevant keywords for your own app
Get the most out of Google Suggestion feature while searching for a specific keyword. It helps you find out how users search that specific keyword
Use more than 1 Keyword optimizer tools. You are going to need ASO platforms to estimate the traffic and difficulty for keywords. It’s better to use at least two different services for better results
Don’t underestimate localizations. People tend to search with their own language rather than just using English. So, make sure to translate the keywords in different languages and use them in the texts
Go for synonyms. You must avoid over-stuffing the description with keywords, or your app will be marked as spam. To avoid being spammy, you may use the synonyms of keywords. if you want to know more, visit AppFireUp.