6 Effective Ways to Make Your App Get Featured on App Store

As we all know that there are millions of apps in the app store, and there are more than 1600 apps being submitted to the App Store daily, and the amounts are still increasing day by day. So the competition of app is very intense. There is no doubt that every app developer wants their app get featured on app store in front of millions of apps. Although it is a difficult thing, it is not an impossible thing. Here I want to share some methods about how to make your app get featured on App Store.

1. Knowing the app store rules
App developers should know the rules of how and what kind of apps get chosen as features. Download the apps which are already be featured on the app store, and analyze the apps’ advantages, learn the useful things from it.

2. Creating an unique and high quality app
App developers not only need to design a high-quality app but also design a unique app to help your app outstanding from other competitors and attract more users. This method will help to get your app featured.

3. App Store Optimization
App store optimization plays a vital important role to help you get your app featured on App Store. App store optimization helps to boost your app ranking, make your app be searched and known by more potential users. You can do it from these following aspects or cooperate with some reliable ASO companies, such as ASOTOP1 and tapaso.

  1. Create a simple but attractive title.
  2. Choose the keywords relevance, traffic, and competition into account.
  3. Choose some attractive screenshots and make a short video which can show the functions and advantages of your app.
  4. List the functions and advantages of your app. Besides, adding your keywords as more as possible to the first three lines of the description.

4. Buy positive app reviews
Reviews and ratings are the most important factors which can represent users experience. Most apps with good reviews and 4-5 star ratings are featured on App Store. Therefore, [b]buy positive app reviews and high star ratings[/b] from reliable company.They can guarantee that all app reviews are from real users.

5. Get more installs
The number of downloads is another factor taken into account by ios app store when selecting featured apps. High downloads mean people like and need your app. If your app gets high downloads, it is more likely that it will get featured.

In Conclusion
Above methods will help to get your app featured on App Store. However, just do one or two points mentioned above is not enough, you should combine all these strategies if you want to increase the chances of getting your app featured on App Store.